Thank you for making our pilot show a success! Stay tuned for updates about the show!

BB Palmer Band in action
Anna Tamburello
One of the sets by Annie Resta
Gabe McCauley directing Frank Gee, Dr. John White, and Barry Cross
Intern Lilly
Official brew from the Pointing Dog show’s official coffee house — The Purple Elephant
Artist/outdoorsman Frank Gee, Dr. John White, and Barry Cross of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Russell Rescue volunteers and their furry buddies
Margaret Bell Ziegler of Vintage 615 with the remarkable set designer Annie Resta and son.
Sam Kennedy, Dr. John White, and Delk Kennedy with Dog of the Day, Matt the Beagle.
Us Two and Him
Jacky Jack White and Hannah Melby of Hanalena
Gabe McCauley in the center of things
Mr. Henry T. White and Jacky Jack White
BB Palmer Band
Puppy Treat from Purple Elephant
Us Two and Him
In the alley of the Dixie Theatre with the BB Palmer Band