Sets for the Pointing Dog Social Club are created by Annie Resta with support by Vintage 615 Boutique & Vintage Market.

Annie Resta

Annie brings the perfect life experience to designing sets for the show. She was raised in South Georgia in the middle of the best quail hunting country in America. Her husband, three sons, and Annie are all outdoor enthusiasts.

Vintage 615

In addition to her sporting interests, Annie is a true artist when it comes to design. Some of her most imaginative, whimsical, and gorgeous work can be found at Vintage 615. Located in the heart of Spring Hill, Tennessee, the boutique features more than 3,000 square feet of elegant apparel, candles, home decor, furniture, antiques, and much more. The store is beautifully staged by a group of talented vendors and designers, which includes Annie Resta.

The Pointing Dog family is most grateful to Annie, and Vintage 615 owners Chris and Margaret Bell Ziegler for their contributions to the show.

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