Pilot Episode – June 15th

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The Pointing Dog Social Club is a 30-minute outdoor/musical variety show produced through a collaboration among lilDRAGON Entertainment (creative team of the Joey + Rory Show), The Dixie Theatre, The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and Spotted Dog Productions.

🎥 The show is filmed at the famous Dixie Theatre, a classic 1930’s venue located in historic Lewisburg, Tennessee.

Southern Stars Symphonic Brass Band

♫ Pointing Dog Social Club Theme was composed by Dan Hanson and performed by Dwight Wages and the Southern Stars Symphonic Brass Band.

The premise of the show is the weekly meeting of a small town civic club, The Pointing Dog Social Club, which meets in the endearing and fictitious town of Pointing Dog, Tennessee. The show is a celebration of Southern culture, music, and the sporting life.

John White & Zula the Dog

Dr. John White is the host. John first launched this show on Georgia Public Broadcasting. The Pointing Dog Social Club will air on public television stations in the South, as well as a variety of online media outlets.

Special thanks to the following sponsors:

Robin Howell Foundation, Dwight Hardison, Cabela’s, Vintage 615 Boutique & Vintage Market, Spicer’s Music, Joy Morrison, Jacky Jack White, Phil Comstock, Gene and Celia Roberson, Ben Tamburello, John Henry, and Jack and Daisy White.

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