Henry T White is truly an eleven-year-old wonder! The boy can play a guitar like a monkey can handle a peanut and the marvelous thing about it, he’s using his super powers for good!

Last summer, the boy sauntered out to a street corner in his hometown of Demopolis, Alabama and played his Gibson guitar for passersby-by. There was a tip jar by his lawn chair as he strummed.

But the money was not for personal gain it was for the benefit of orphan dogs. Every cent he raised went to the Bigbee Humane Society who were carrying on a fund drive.

My teacher told me about it,” said Henry.

So he went into action where others might have just thought good thoughts about it.

Henry accompanies his father Jacky Jack White on the Dixie stage on June 15th. Pointing Dog Social Club is thrilled to have this talented musician and philanthropist join us.